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On this Saturday (07.01), the movie Albion: The Enchanted Stallion made its way to Netflix’s catalog. Check it out:

Albion: The Enchanted Stallion premiered in the beginning of the year; however one would only be able to watch it if one bought or rented the movie. Fortunately, the movie just made its way to Netflix’s streaming service this Saturday morning (07.01) making many Sharmaniacs’ day. The movie is available in English but subtitles in several languages are provided. It should be pointed out that you must have a Netflix account in order to watch it. Be sure to click on the icon “liked it” in the movie so that it enters a higher category, leaving the movie more famous and popular, like this, promoting Daniel’s work.

On the movie Daniel plays Lir, dashing and avid young knight of Danann, Lir and our family are the protectors of the scepter of truth. It effect on him was so strong that he is now unable to lie, doesn’t matter how much trouble can he this cause.

Check out the screencaps from the movie:

Posted by: angelica luiza in 07.01.17
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