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Daniel Sharman, a British actor, plays his role on the big screen. With his recent work, Fear The Walking Dead, we had to become familiar with his dress style and how to take care of himself as a new Hollywood actor.

GQ: Describe your style:

DS: I have a “Londoner” style.


GQ: A trick to dress well:

DS: Trying to wear too much is a disaster.


GQ: If you had to dress to cast an actor, what would you wear?

DS: Anything that is very worn and comfortable. Do not try to put anything new. You’re not used to.


GQ:  What is your favorite clothing?

DS:  Arsenal youth football shirt It’s packed with memories. And the key is the memory of defeat! (Laugh)


GQ: Which piece was the strangest one you ever wore and how much of that looks ugly when you look back?

DS: I used to wear a yellow shoe at school. It’s ugly and I bought it from a second-hand store. I also used it for almost 3 years!


GQ: From a score of 0 to 10, what is your best style?

DS: I think my style in America is high because I’m British. But if I were in England, I would only be at level 5. (Laughter)


GQ: Success tips for dating:

DS: Be honest, but not alarmed. Believe me, don’t try to be someone other than yourself.


3 accessories that make all the difference in Daniel Sharman’s style:

1. La Mer the Moisturizing Matte Lotion 

Gentle lotion for gentlemen With a special moisturizing lotion that is deeply absorbed by La Mer. At the same time, it delivers a fresh, soft touch to the skin.

2. Tom Ford Private Blade Vanille (EDP) 

Fragrance inspired by British gentleman club. Incorporated with a variety of herbs alternate with the sweetness of the extract of gold beans, vanilla beans, cocoa and dried fruit.

3.  Kiehl’s Pure Vitality Skin Renewing Cream 50 ml 2,500 Baht

 Moisturizing Face Mask with 99.6% natural ingredients, honey from Manuka honey from New Zealand. And red ginseng root Creates lightweight, non-greasy texture.

Check out Daniel’s photoshoot for the magazine:

Source: GQ Thailand Magazine

Posted by: Duda Abranches in 10.30.17
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