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Volterra, November 26, 2017 – “Volterra is a crazy natural setting, now its square is the piazza della Signoria,” says director Jan Michelini. “There is no equal city in the world. What should I say: thank you. Thanks to the volcanoes, the extras they have played with us. Thanks for this amazing welcome. And I believe that Volterra may already be in the process of shooting the third series that will start next fall. Where, if not here? ” While Jan Michelini squinted at the first citizen Marco Buselli, almost whispering to “Do you wait for re-appointment?”, The mayor just does not turn away from joy.

“I can not believe it.” Buselli wipes his eyes – we protagonists of the third series of Doctors … are almost speechless. If we will bleed? Tell me where I have to sign, I do it right away.” No litters on Friday night, but a goodbye soon. The production of the TV series ‘The Doctors’ boom the set and greet the city with a big party in Piazza dei Priori, the agora that for almost three weeks has been the pulsating heart of the ciak. The party star also comes from Daniel Sharman, the protagonist who has played Lorenzo Il Magnifico: shakes his hand at the mayor, embraces him and says “thank you” in Italian. After the performance of the bandwagon, which has left the whole crew open, this is the great surprise that production has reserved for the city: a video fired on the secular wall of Pretorio Palace.

Actors, extras, hairdressers, technicians, production assistants: those who are sleepy, those who are cold, all smiling despite the immense fatigue and the temperatures even dropped below zero. Every shot hits a clap from the square. And tears begin to shake their faces. “Thank you, Volterra,” is the inscription that stands out in the last frame of the homage to a city that has been able to interpret the great spirit of the seventh art. The heart of the square melts. Everyone is excited, the mayor, the councilor Gianni Baruffa, “the Guardian Angel” of the Film Commission’s Francesca Giorli set.

“You’ve given strength, courage, and life to the city.” Buselli takes the microphone and can not keep up with his emotional galaxy – I really hope it’s a goodbye. “ The little Cinecittà gradually disappears like in a dream, the spotlight goes out and the giant caravan of cinema is about to leave Volterra. Goodbye is not spoken. Now is the time to let go to a melancholic chorus of amalgam but in a year, there is a bet, Volterra “the magnificent” will come back to enchant the camera eye.

Check out Daniel’s pictures with mayor Buselli and the director Jan Michelini:

Source: La Nazione


Posted by: Duda Abranches in 11.27.17
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