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This Friday (02.03) happened to GoodByeCon in Milan, where our beloved Daniel Sharman attended with his brother cast of Teen Wolf: Tyler Hoechlin. Come learn more about what went there:

Along with the cast of Teen Wolf, Daniel Sharman had fun and took great advantage of GoodByeCon, giving us lots of laughs.

Video of Daniel Sharman and Tyler Hoechlin joining the panel:

The first panel of the only convention with Daniel had to be canceled due to the delay, however we had great moments of conversation between Daniel and Tyler in the panel duo. Check out:

They asked Daniel what the difference was between the Teen Wolf set and the iMedici set. And he replied saying that it depends, but the difference is basically the fact that they dress completely different.

They asked Daniel if he has something in common with his character. And he replied by saying that basically when you take the test, you are looking for a character who has something similar with you.

They asked Daniel if he could be any other supernatural creature, what he would be. And he said he would like to be the “girl he does not remember the name” and soon after he said “Meredith!”

They asked Daniel if he could choose a character to die, whom he would choose. And he replied saying it would be “Derek”. And Tyler replied, “Hey, I’ve already died a thousand times,” and Daniel said, “I do not care, Derek.”

Daniel was asked what his favorite episode was, and he replied “Motel California”.

They asked Daniel and Tyler what cast person they had a strong relationship with. Daniel and Tyler looked at each other and simultaneously responded “Ian Bohen and JR”.

They asked Daniel and Tyler when actresses like Crystal Reed leave the series, how they feel. Both said that when someone decides to leave, it is their choice.

Check out some photos during the panel:


And to complete, after the panel Daniel had his first autograph session, check out the photos:



That’s how the convention ended! After the convention Daniel went to dinner with Janel Parrish and Lucy Hale of Pretty Little Liars who also attended the Convention. Check out video:


From what we can see it was a lot of fun and we hope you enjoyed our coverage on Twitter. Tomorrow will be the second day of GoodByeCon and we will cover the whole event like today in our twitter and then we will make another post like this. So stay connected because who does not love such a convention where we can always find out more about our Daniel?

Posted by: angelica luiza in 03.03.18
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