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This Saturday (03.03) happened to GoodByeCon in Milan, where our beloved Daniel Sharman attended with his colleague of Teen Wolf: Tyler Hoechlin. Check out more about what went there:

Along with the cast of Teen Wolf, Daniel Sharman had fun and took good advantage of GoodByeCon, giving us many laughs.

Video of Daniel Sharman and Tyler Hoechlin joining the panel:


The first panel of the convention happened between Daniel and Tyler on the Duo Panel. Check out:

Daniel was asked what his favorite scene was with Tyler and he replied that it was the scene of the car but also when he tries to go out with Cora.

Daniel was asked what his favorite couple was on the show and he answered Derek & Jennifer.

They asked Daniel about the movie he could do (AFTER) and he replied “I know as much as you know.”

They asked Daniel if he likes the relationship between Scott and Isaac and he replied, “Yes, why not?!”

They asked Daniel if he would like to continue on Teen Wolf and he replied “I think it would force things, I miss Isaac because he was a really important part of my life but if the story had to go like that, these things can not be forced.”

Daniel was asked what character he would like to do other than his and he replied “Boyd.”

They asked Daniel and Tyler what their relationship with the fans was like, only Tyler replied.

They asked Daniel if he enjoyed his passage in Italy while he was filming I Medici and he replied that he really enjoyed it and it was a pleasure. “It was a pleasure to be part of beloved Italy” and filming in Italy was an honor for him.

Daniel was asked if at the beginning of his career there was an actor who inspired him and he replied that he learned from each actor and even the one you have to work with if each actor does his or her job so you can learn from everyone.

Daniel was asked what his favorite food was and he replied, “Sharks, because I do not like Sharks.”

Daniel was asked who he would kiss, who he would marry & kill he would kill between Lydia, Cora & Erika, and he replied that he wanted to kill them all.

Daniel was asked if he was already injured in a scene and he asked “Emotionally?” and then replied that it reminds him of a scene when Tyler does a backflip and maybe he’s hurt himself.

They asked if he could roar like Isaac and he replied that he did not think they added the sound later.

Daniel had more autograph sessions, check out the photos:









Daniel Sharman and fans during Photo Op and Photo Duo:


After the photo sessions, Daniel Sharman had his first Meet & Greet with fans, know a little of what happened:

Daniel said he regrets all his tattoos. A girl wanted Daniel to write one for her to tattoo and he advised her not to do it because she was going to regret it as he regrets his tattoos. The fan said she asked him to write a sentence she wanted to make as her next tattoo that would be awesome to have the sentence written in his handwriting!

He was asked about his trip to Africa, and he said that it was with his brother (Hugh Sharman) that he was studying there and that the trip was very simple, just with a backpack. He was afraid to get Malaria because he should start recording Medici soon after the trip.

Daniel said the Italians are always talking loud. When the director was screaming he was afraid the horses would be afraid.

Daniel was asked about his short metrage, and he said it was not meant to be a short (SIMULARITY), so it was improvised.

Daniel was asked if he would rather play in theaters or in movies and he said that it is more difficult to perform in theaters because he can not express himself in full and on TV he may well reveal his art.

After Meet & Greet Daniel took more Photo Op with the fans and headed to the “Teen Wolf” panel next to Tyler Hoechlin. Holland Roden would also be present in this panel but due to a familiar situation she had to return home. Check out Daniel’s questions and answers during the panel:

Someone asked Daniel which character he would never like to stage, and he said “Deucalion, because he always has to record external”.

Someone asked Daniel who was the messiest person on the set, and he said, “Everyone is a mess now, but we always have the support of an incredible team that takes care of each one of us.”

Someone asked Daniel how it had been his first day on set, and he said that his first day he was in a graveyard and someone was digging a grave. (That person was himself!)

Someone asked Daniel what was the funniest scene in Teen Wolf, and he said “I assume this is about Stiles.”

Someone asked Daniel and Tyler if they preferred Allison to Scott or Isaac, and Daniel forced Tyler to tell Isaac.

Someone asked Daniel what he would be if he were not an actor, and he said “Probably a painter.”

When some fan said he loved him, Daniel answered without believing, “No, you do not love me!” He still does not believe that so many people love him. Cute, eh?

Someone asked Daniel if there was a spin off of Teen Wolf if he would like to attend. And in jest, he replied, “No.”

They asked Daniel and Tyler to speak three adjectives to describe each other. Tyler said that Daniel is charming, competitive and very funny. Daniel said that Tyler is loyal, competitive and empathetic.

Daniel Sharman and Tyler Hoechlin during the panels at the Convention:

Daniel Sharman even gave a personal autograph to Janel Parrish (Mona Vanderwall), the actress of Pretty Little Liars. Check out:


That’s how the convention ended! From what we can see it was a lot of fun and we hope you enjoyed our Twitter coverage of the story. Tomorrow will be the third day of GoodByeCon and we will cover the whole event like today in our twitter and then we will make another post like this. So stay connected because who does not love such a convention where we can always find out more about our Daniel?

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