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Our October Fan of the Month and our first fan is Diana, @shawsharman on Twitter and @hessasharman on Instagram. She lives in Maryland, USA and she is 20.

1. How, when and where did you meet Daniel?

I’ve been lucky to have met Daniel Sharman twice both at Howler Con in New Jersey. Howler Con is my favorite convention ever, not only because it’s so well-run, but because it has a “family” feel to it. The guests (the celebrities) feel comfortable and safe enough to walk around and the fans respect them there.

2. How did you feel when you met Daniel? Could you tell us how was your experience with him?

The first time I met Daniel it was like a blur of events. I was nervous about finally meeting Daniel Sharman- the guy who means the entire world to me. However, he made it such an unforgettable experience. He connects with the fans on a one-on-one level. He jokes around with you and hugs you. He loves all the gifts he receives. He shows them off and even wears them. In 2015, when I met Daniel I basically just told him how much he means to me as not only an actor but as an individual. He’s such a positive influence on this world and I don’t even think he realizes it. That year he launched his t-shirt campaign to raise money for Cystic Fibrosis. Everyone who purchased it received a quick meet and great with him at Howler Con. The entire event he kept thanking us for buying the shirt. I just love that about him- he’s so down to earth and humble. Every single time he saw me after our initial encounter he made sure to hug me and throw in a joke or two. Unfortunately, at howler con, we can’t record during the autograph sessions but that was the moment he said he loved me and my passion. It was very unexpected and sweet. Something I’ll never forget. An incomparable moment. Something each fan should experience. I’m sure he said that to numerous fans, as he should, it still means the world to you when your fave acknowledges you and your support.

3. If you had the chance to talk to him, what did you talk about?

I did talk to him several times throughout that weekend, but my most memorable conversation with him was about After that year. This was around the time that he was strongly noticing the After fandom and the fan-casting. I asked him if he was considering portraying Hardin Scott and he said he would love too. At this point he didn’t meet with the head of paramount yet, so he urged me to rally fans to tag the studio, producers, and writers. He said he sees the dedication and asks fans to continue it; that it would be an honor to portray Hardin but that the ultimate decision was up to the studio. Since then, even though a lot has changed his passion for the project never wavered. I met him again in 2016 at Howler Con. I brought him gifts (from Arsenal to After material) and he wouldn’t stop thanking me. He made time to talk to me (and another fan) after his meet and greet was over. He was joking around with us about many things like music and art but we also discussed the After movie. We discussed the After books which he read. He even admitted to reading the latest copy – Before. We talked about the complexities of the story, including the characters and Hessa’s relationship. Again, he said that he only hopes his portrayal of Hardin will live up to everyone’s expectations. It’s something he doesn’t take lightly and that he’s positively surprised by the love received from the After community. However, we talked about other things such how amazing Bernie Sanders is and we discussed raising awareness/funds for causes like Cystic Fibrosis.

4. Do you have any photo to share to us? If you do, send it to us!

Daniel with Diana:


His autographs to her:



5. Witch Daniel project you like the most and why?

I love all of Daniel Sharman’s projects. He’s so dedicated and gives 110% of himself to each role he tackles. However, my ultimate favorite role would have to be Isaac Lahey. Who doesn’t love the scarf-wearing sarcastic beta? He stole my heart the second he appeared on Teen Wolf. As the show progressed I fell in love with the character and with Daniel Sharman as an actor. The more I researched about him, the more I knew about him, and therefore the more I admired him as an individual.

6. Why did you become a Sharmaniac?

This is the question that took me the longest to think about. I could write a thousand-page novel answering this question and I still wouldn’t be able to fully answer it. I simply cannot put into words how incredible Daniel Sharman is. Yes, we know he is a god walking among us. Yes, we know he’s a great actor who brought to life some of our favorite characters. Yes, we know he is funny, witty, and sarcastic. Yes, we know he is passionate. But, I think what made me truly become a supporter of his is just simply his personality and dedication to making this world a better place in his own way. I love his dedication to his favorite team- Arsenal. He’s loyal. I love his passion for charities. I love his passion for art. I love how even though he’s a very private and dislikes social media – he will use social media as a tool to raise awareness to important issues. He will use social media to help promote his friends and other artists as well as their projects. I love how he’s a human being like the rest of us who messes up, then laughs about it, and moves on. I love how when you meet him it exceeds all your fantasies, because he makes you feel safe, comfortable, and valued. I love how even though he can’t vote in the USA, he volunteered for the Bernie Sanders campaign something I am truly passionate about myself. I love how he notices accounts regardless of how small or big they are. I started my Instagram recently and I remember when I had less than twenty followers he liked one of my posts! I still remember freaking out. I’m freaking out about it now just thinking about it! I love how he knows how to have fun. I love how he treats his fans when he meets them. But, I also love how he doesn’t shy away from discussing heavier topics whether it’s in person or on social media such as Brexit. I love his dedication to each role. He manages to make you FEEL for each character he is playing. For instance, when he showed up on The Originals as Kaleb, which was later revealed to be Kol, he still made the character his own. The audience fell in love with Kaleb/Kol because of Daniel Sharman’s portrayal of the character. Yet, what’s truly remarkable about him is that even after all this time he really is humble. I feel like he still doesn’t comprehend his own impact. He still gets shocked every single time fans line up for him and call out his name. Even after all this time, he doesn’t take anything for granted! To summarize in true Daniel fashion- He’s just fucking phenomenal!
Finally, I would like to thank Daily News Sharman for everything you guys do! You guys are a dedicated and amazing update account. I hope you all meet Daniel Sharman one day- you deserve it. Thank you for asking me to be your first interview. I was and I am still really honored.

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