Sharmantionary is where you will find everything about the British actor Daniel Andrew Sharman, since the projects he made, his life, his career, curiosities and more. Check out more of the actor here!
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Name: Daily News Sharman
Since: August, 2016
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Welcome to Daily News Sharman! The first website who have two versions: English and Portuguese. The first one to bring you the best daily news from de actor Daniel Andrew Sharman! Thank you so much for supporting us and the actor.We are going to do our best to bring for you the best updates and as fast as possible. Thank you for believe in us! This website was made thinking about all the Daniel’s fans. We have contact with Daniel Sharman and his agent sometimes, but the website is made by fans and not by any of Sharman’s official partners.


Name: Angélica (Angel) Luiza
Age: 21 years
City: Paraná
Function: Webmiss
Twitter: @sharmanchor

Name: Vika
Age:  32 years
City: Gravatai
Function: Newposter
Twitter: @sagasdosul

Name: Sara Vianna
Age: 15 years
City: Rio de Janeiro / Indiana
Function: Translator and Legender
Twitter: @fuckingSh4rman

Name: Duda Abranches
Age: 19 anos
City: Rio de Janeiro
Function: Galeria e Social Mídia
Twitter: @duda_ab

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